We translate.


If you want to have your documents translated and certified, you are exactly right with us.

We are experts in certified and specialized translations. Our many years of experience are reflected in our conscientious work, which allows for a very high quality of our specialized translations.

The official translations we offer cover a wide spectrum.


Among other things, we can translate the following documents for you:

  • School certificates (School Reports)
  • Vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates)
  • Extracts from criminal record books
  • All kinds of contracts (purchase contract, leasing agreement, company agreement, marriage contract, …)
  • Annual reports, financial statements and balance sheets
  • Company book extracts
  • Land register extracts
  • Technical documents
  • Medical examination reports
  • Admission/License/Permit documents
  • And all other documents that you need for your official channels (municipal authorities, police, district commission, court, pension insurance institution…)


We translate in the following language pairs:

What are our areas of expertise?






We translate and certify documents, take over the proofreading or an interpreting assignment in all subject areas. Over the years, we have, however, specialized in the areas of law (civil law, business law, criminal law, corporate law, labor law, family law, European law, international law), economy, technology (mechanical engineering, medical technology, computer science), medicine and pharmacy.

More Services

Dr. Simonfay Translations provides translation, interpretation and proofreading services in German, English, French and Hungarian languages. We also produce certified translations into English, German French and Hungarian.

Mag. Dr. Géza Simonfay is also available to our customers as a court interpreter for English, German, French and Hungarian.


The certified translations issued by our translation office are accepted by the authorities (courts, administrative bodies, etc.) of all EU Member States. We focus on our areas of expertise. This makes us experts in our business.

How are the costs calculated?

Basically, it depends on the nature, the extent and complexity of a document or the place and duration of the interpreting assignment as to how much our service costs.


Would you like to have your documents translated and certified or do you need an interpreter? Simply send us the document that you want to have translated. Or briefly describe the subject matter and the circumstances of the interpreting assignment. We will make you a quotation (costs estimate) with our best price.


It goes without saying that all the texts sent to us, irrespective of any subsequent assignment, will be treated confidentially.